Front Cover of Remnants

Everyone’s gone.

All the animals, all the people. Gone in a microsecond.

Except for a few unlucky remnants. Those left behind for the greatest hunt of all time.

When high school senior Darrel Reid wakes up to find his home empty and the neighborhood eerily silent, with the same strange mark on every door, he’s more than a little shaken. Then an alien shows up in his backyard and his life spirals into a living nightmare. Reunited with his two best friends, Maggy and Félix, who evaded abduction thanks to a device Maggy made to block out unwanted eavesdroppers—the government, their parents—the trio makes for a natural disaster bunker on the outskirts of town, but a new mark draws them into a house, where they find an unconscious schoolmate—and a trap.

Barely surviving the night, they set out in search of safety, only to discover a landscape that promises a gruesome death, as each passing day becomes more treacherous than the one before. But when Darrel is abducted, a much more sinister plot unfolds, one that leads to a single choice: Fight or go extinct.