Darkness Devouring

Front Cover of Darkness Devouring

From the biting peaks of Lo'Darrow to the sandy shores of Hell, blood drenches the land. The Northern soldiers regroup with reinforcements after their defeat, ready for the long march ahead. The Southern realms prepare for war with no hope of triumph. And a call deep within Leterra quakes as Mount Ti'Marro spits plumes of molten fire and ash, threatening to blanket the globe in death.

The Battle of Hell is over but the misfortunes and struggle for Tom, Bravis, Keltin, and their friends continue. The group is ripped apart to face their own trials among strange and dangerous races. New allies are met and fresh blood is spilled from the necks of new foes. Tom faces the terrible challenge of killing to stay alive while risking his soul as sacrifice to the cursed armor. Will the group be able to face the devastating odds against them and come out to see each other once more, or will tragedy be their last memories? For when darkness devours, no one survives.