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Lies. Magic. War. Welcome to Abby's world.

Beneath the frozen wasteland of the United States lives apocalypse survivor Aberdeen Dareday, whose life gets turned upside down when she mysteriously wakes up with black veins bulging under her skin. Forced to flee humanity's last refuge because of her black blood, and the corpses left in its magical wake, Abby emerges to find an entirely different world. A world caught in a supernatural war, where darkness reigns, and the savage creatures from her books are all too real.

After Ash, a resilient young man who shares her newfound abilities, rescues Abby from certain death at the hands of human scientists, he takes her on a perilous journey to unlock their magical powers. Hunted by vampires, werebeasts, and scientists, Abby must discover what is so special about her black blood if she's to defeat her enemies who will stop at nothing to possess it.

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